Five takes from the Kavedon Family on building a solid business during uncertain times — Part 1

In these interviews, taken between May and June 2022, four Kavedon Kapital partners and a portfolio manager share their experiences and learnings from previous crises with visions for thriving in current conditions. With multiple crashes weathered between them, they have a broad overview of the effect of cycles on the startup ecosystem, the opportunities they provide and how to leverage all types of conditions for growth, profitability and, most importantly, during these critical periods: survival and renewal.

  1. Get the product out there and get the data points
  2. Everyone focuses on the land grab and being the best. Now to return to focus on the basics: getting to profitability.
  3. Maintain hope but don’t rely on it. Strategy is what you need.
  4. Focus on basics: a daily cash flow and a cash runway report
  5. This crisis will offer an opportunity to leap the gap to renewable energy, if not circularity

Get it out there and get the data points

Daily cash flow, a cash runway report and weekly communications with investors helped us through the period.



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Kavedon Kapital

Kavedon Kapital is Venture Capital Fund Entity designed and built on Circular Economics