Author: Iva Rakocevic

The crypto market is booming tremendously nowadays, with the overall capitalization of cryptocurrencies approaching USD 2 trillion. Everyday more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies to make a living. But as different technologies develop, these new “coins” come with different sets of risks.

In the first…

Author : Ieva Katiliute

Product market fit is a common concept in the start-up world and arguably the most important thing when developing a product and raising capital at any stage. Having a good product-market fit means developing a product or service that the market needs and sometimes doesn’t even…

Author : David Watters

Last year I interviewed Colin Keogh, an Irish entrepreneur and previous Forbes 30 Under 30 about his work on the Open Source Ventilator, a solution to the crisis for ventilator and equipment shortages in hospitals globally in response to the then emerging Covid-19 pandemic. In the…

Author: Kavedon Kapital Team

If I had a pound for every time I saw this phrase used in a social media post about being an entrepreneur or building your own business, I’d have filled our first cap raise myself.

As much as it might make some roll their eyes, at…

Kavedon Kapital

Kavedon Kapital is Venture Capital Fund Entity designed and built on Circular Economics

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