Kavedon Kapital

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and together form the three standards companies are scored on by the various ratings agencies. Although there are numerous ESG ratings agencies and their methodologies vary, the scores are supposed to reflect the strategy and readiness of a company to tackle issues particular…

The crypto market is booming tremendously nowadays, with the overall capitalization of cryptocurrencies approaching USD 2 trillion. Everyday more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies to make a living. But as different technologies develop, these new “coins” come with different sets of risks.

In the first half of 2021…

Last year I interviewed Colin Keogh, an Irish entrepreneur and previous Forbes 30 Under 30 about his work on the Open Source Ventilator, a solution to the crisis for ventilator and equipment shortages in hospitals globally in response to the then emerging Covid-19 pandemic. In the interview, he stated entrepreneurship…

Kavedon Kapital

Kavedon Kapital is Venture Capital Fund Entity designed and built on Circular Economics

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